The Model Men

The Model Men exhibition was the outcome of a joint project by Joachim Schönfeldt, Ivan Vladislaviƒ and Andries Oliphant.
      Schönfeldt initiated the work by producing a series of
>illustrations= for an unwritten text. He then approached Vladislaviƒ and proposed that he write something to fill this absence. Without further prompting from the artist, Vladislaviƒ began writing a response to the images, which evolved into a full-length book of fiction (subsequently published as The Exploded View).
      For the third component of the project, a
>reader= was approached to consider the images and text together and select extracts for an exhibition. The selections made by Andries Oliphant were presented with the illustrations in The Model Men. This speculative exhibition asked questions about the way we construct meaning in images and texts, and in the conversation B or silence B between them.
      The exhibition was curated by Julia Charlton and Fiona Rankin-Smith at the Wits Art Galleries in August/September 2004. The catalogue that accompanied the exhibition documents the joint project and includes short essays by all three participants.

The Model MenWits Galleries frontThe Model Men
with Joachim Schönfeldt and Andries Walter Oliphant
Wits Art Galleries, 2004
ISBN 0-620-32664-6
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